Getting Out of Grover's Tub

How did Texas' challenges get so big? What happened to our great state? Grover happened. Grover Norquist is the famed right wing ideologue who said his goal was "to cut government in half in twenty-five years to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub." Coincidentally, it was 25 years ago when Rick Perry first entered the Texas House. Then and there, he and his band of Pit Bulls put Texas on a path to Grover's Tub—his legacy project of cutting taxes for the wealthy, cutting programs for you and making government work only for a select few. Now, after a quarter century of government by Grover, Texas is in Grover's Tub. When leaders value tax cuts over good schools, budget cuts over our future, and deregulation over common sense, Texas loses.


Chapter 1: Grover’s Tub: "The Real State of the State"

Chapter 2: The Owner's Box

Chapter 3: Voila! Problem solved

Chapter 4: Insuring Greed

Chapter 5: Grover U.

Chapter 6: When Common Sense Left Conservatives

Chapter 7: Don't Mess with Texas Children

Chapter 8: Government by Lawsuit

Chapter 9: Captured and Corrupted at TCEQ

Chapter 10: Failed Government: How DPS Got in Grover’s Tub

Chapter 11: The Real Joe the Plumber Meets the Real Grover Norquist

Chapter 12: Functional Equivalent of FEMA

Chapter 13: $5.7 Billion Bailout

Chapter 14: Grover's Trifecta

Chapter 15: Pit Bulls on the Turnpike

Chapter 16: Grover’s Lists

Chapter 17: Debtors' Prisons

Chapter 18: TYC in the Tub

Chapter 19: Where Tax Cuts are King

Chapter 20: Worth The Fight