Getting Out of Grover's Tub

Chapter 4: Insuring Greed

In earlier chapters,"I described Grover Norquist’s three-pronged attack on basic American values: tax cuts for the very wealthy; budget cuts that hurt hard-working American families; and starving government to the point where it is doomed to fail.

Why is Norquist important? Grover’s philosophy has now had its way with Texas for more than two decades. At the state level, four senators and 34 House members have signed on to Grover’s pledge. At the federal level, 19 Texas Congressmen and both U.S. senators have committed to the drown. And every day, Grover’s disciples, including Rick Perry, put Texas deeper into Grover’s tub by trying to privatize schools with vouchers, sell off highways with Cintra and park the lottery with Phil Gramm. . .

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