Getting Out of Grover's Tub

Chapter 10: Failed Government: How DPS Got in Grover’s Tub

The headline in the San Antonio Express-News on July 13, 2008 read: “Troopers say they are just fatigued.” It was a telling story among a series of stories showing that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is in trouble.

In the story, troopers described an agency suffering an officer shortage and beset with grueling working conditions, many officers routinely working six or seven straight days and sometimes 10 or 11.

Weeks before, numerous news accounts had detailed the now-infamous arson fire at the Governor’s Mansion, where a lone DPS officer was left guard on a weekend, and a scathing Sunset Commission Report citing multiple deficiencies at the agency—many the direct result of irresponsible underfunding. . .

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